How do I place an order

Follow the 4 step process, choose, book, pay, pick up to order your academic dress. The website will guide you through the process, and you get to review your cart before paying. Once you pay you'll get a receipt which will acknowledge your order and inform you of the collection and return times. You'll need to keep a copy of it digitally or print it out and bring it with you to collect at the times listed on your receipt.  If you have filled out the form manually a receipt will be  mailed to you within four weeks of your order being received at the Academic Dress Hire office.  Orders received without payment will not be processed.

NOTE: Applying for academic dress does not guarantee you a place at the graduation ceremony.  You must also apply to attend the graduation ceremony online through the Victoria University website.

Graduating with Post Graduate Diploma/Certificate, Diploma, Certificate

When you graduate at Victoria University of Wellington with a Post Graduate Diploma/Certificate and hold a previous degree you wear a gown, trencher and the hood for the degree you already hold.

If you hold a previous degree you should choose  Graduate Dip / Postgraduate Diploma / Certificate (already hold Bachelor Degree) (or Master if appropriate) – fill in your previous degree and from where.  When you place the order it will be for a generic PGDip Hood which we then update to the correct colour. 

When you graduate at Victoria University of Wellington with a Diploma/Certificate and do not hold a degree you wear the bachelor gown and Victoria University of Wellington green/gold stole.  You do not wear a trencher.


Pick - Up

On the dates/times on your receipt, you will need to collect your regalia from Room 109, Murphy Building, Kelburn Parade. Please bring either a printed or digital copy of your receipt, or a form of photo ID to facilitate speedy processing.

Another person can collect on your behalf if they have your receipt. 

Damage to items and Non Returns

What happens if my hire items become damaged or lost?

You are required to return  items in good condition at the times detailed on your receipt.

If you damage or fail to return your garments you will be charged for the full replacement value and will be liable for any debt collection costs incurred. 

How to Wear


How do I put on my gown, hood and trencher or bonnet? 

We have provided a video to help you understand how to wear the regalia you have hired. 

Embellishing your graduation regalia with garments of honour from your cultural tradition, such as a korowai or ta’ovala, is a welcome enrichment to the colour of the ceremony. These are worn under the hood or stole.

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