Academic dress

Grad Gear have a comprehensive range of garments required for your graduation ceremony.

Wearing academic dress

When taking part in any graduation ceremony you must wear academic dress, which consists of a gown; a hood or stole lined with the colour attributed to your degree, diploma or certificate; and a trencher (Bachelor’s and Master’s) or Knox Bonnet (PhD). Failure to wear the correct academic dress will mean that you will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. Your degree will therefore be conferred in absentia.

Embellishing your graduation regalia with garments of honour from your cultural tradition, such as a korowai or ta’ovala, is a welcome enrichment to the colour of the ceremony. These are worn under the hood or stole.

Dress Code for Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies are formal occasions and we request that graduands dress appropriately. A shirt and trousers, dress or similar standard of formal clothing is advised. Whilst optional, a collared shirt and tie or buttoned clothing are helpful in attaching your hood securely. For health and safety reasons all graduands must wear footwear inside the Michael Fowler Centre, and while crossing the stage to receive their award.

Academic Dress Hire

Academic dress for your graduation can be hired from this website, which is owned by the Wellington Branch of New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women (NZFGW). NZFGW is a voluntary organisation of women graduates which focuses on education. Funds provided from the hire of academic dress are distributed for academic scholarships and other educational causes.

How to wear your academic dress

The video below shows how to wear your academic dress. Information on wearing academic dress is also available in the Graduands Handbook (sent to graduands approximately six weeks before each ceremony). Before the ceremony there will be people available at each venue in the foyer to assist you.